Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kia Ora from Kiwiland!

Well I am off on another adventure...I just landed 2 hours ago in Auckland New Zealand, I place I have wanted to visit since my sister showed me pics of her time her in 2002 (she did YWAM and lived in NZ for 3 years).

My trip is a bit of an evolving journey. Initally I was invited by my friend Nicola Hoggard Creegan to speak at conference she is organizing on Science and Religion at Tyndale-Carey Graduate School. We met back in 2002 when we were particpants together on the Templeton Oxford Summer Seminar on Science & Religion. Then more invitation followed to speak at an Emerging Church leaders seminar in Christchurch, a conference called SPAC on a panel on the Middle East and Religion and then a possbile 2nd virtual theology colloquium. Plus I am hoping for a bit of R&R this month while I am here

It is a bit of an evolving journey, so I hope to use my blog to keep my friends and family updated with pics & news.

Have just finished a lovely breakfast of homemade blueberry coffee cake & team and am now off to shower and get ready for church (it's sunday here, I somehow missed saturday while crossing the pacific. More soon...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I've been Tagged!

John La Grou of the Wikkelsia Project just tagged me on his blog. Well he actually tagged me at my other blog...When Religion Meets New Media, but since I am trying to keep my research and personal life separate I thought I would respond to him here.

The tag at hand is to share “8 Things About Me” and tag eight others. So here we go:

1. I am now less wise...having had 2 wisdom teeth extracted last week. My other one was extracted 2 years ago and invovled a non-english speaking Arab dentist in Israel and then a follow-up with cranky scot in Edinburgh, not a fun experience. A word to the wise, don't wait till you 30s to have your wisdom teeth out.

2. I am soon to be an Auntie! My twin sister is expecting a little girl (Faith Ann) in late July and I am having fun buying her trendy outfits.

3. I collect late 19th-mid 20th century blue & white and green and white tea cups, an addiction that began while doing postdoc work in Oxford.

4. I have a brown thumb, house plants beware!

5. In college I worked as a DJ at a Christian radio station, oh how hip I thought I was.

6. While interning in DC in college I had a brush with the Judicial system. I literally ran into soon-to-be Chief Justice Clarence Thomas in an elevator in a Senate Office building during the Thomas hearings.

7. My favourite flavor of ice cream is double mint brownie which cannot be bought in stores, but can be made personally for you at your local Coldstone creamery.

8. My secret dream is to open a bookstore-coffee house called Puchymunyet (which is roughtly Russian for 'of course, why not').

SO my turn, I tag...

Matt Rees

Al Gordon

Paul Teusner

Louise Connelly

Stephen Garner

Rupert Ward

Heidi Plympton

Lynn Clark

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Prodigal daughter returns

These are some pics from my beach time in Michigan!
A week ago I returned from week long visit to my home state of Michigan. We had surprisingly lovely weather and I got lots of time on the beach (walking, not swimming). Walking the shores of Lake Michigan has always been a cathartic experience for me...the beach is my cathedral the place where I most easily meet with God. No matter where in the world I am or how I feel if I can find a beach to stroll (preferably barefoot) I am able to return to a place of peace, as the waves that wash over my feet somehow cleanse my soul. This past year I have strolled beaches of the Mediterranean in Israel, the North Sea Beaches of Edinburgh, the Atlantic sands of the Orkney Islands and the East Coast of Florida, but still my favourites are the squeaky sands of my home state!