Sunday, September 14, 2008

After the Storm

All is quite now in College Station. It is hard to believe that 48 hours all was chaos weather wise. I spent part of the afternoon raking my yard for fallen leaves and branches and moving my patio plants from my garage to back outside. Some of my friends in Houston are still without power and water but we here in BCS are back to business as usual. I am thankful for God's protection this past weekend and that the storm is long gone, though I fear some will be dealing with the aftermath of days to come.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Outside the Eye

Hurricane Ike moved north and greeted Brazos County early this morning (sometime after 6am but I am not exactly sure as I was asleep). Fortunate for us, and not so fortunate for others, the eye of the storm shifted east and so missed us. We have had some significant gusting winds and quite a bit of rain but all is well besides that. And we still have power, yeah!

I spent the night in my closet so was as snug as bug in a rug and able to sleep through the night. I awoked a bit before 9am to some howling winds and lots of leaves and a few branches down but beside that all is well. The only slight concern I have is that the creek behind my has flooded,which is actually quite typical. The walking path (next to the tree in the pic) is under water and I had to take picture because the city want to put a paved & lighted biking and foot path right there which would turn my lawn into a swimming pool as the creek usually rises and often overflows during a storm.

We're not in the clear yet, high winds and pounding rain are expected for the next 4 hours but so far I feel safe and blessed!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Waiting for Ike

Hurricane Ike has made landfall, though the eye of the storm is not expected till about midnight. One blessing is that is has been downgraded from a category 3 to a 2 and should only be a 1 by the time it reaches college station. I have had several calls today from friends worried about me being on my own. But the idea of being with 5 other crammed in a bathroom and panicing sounds about as much fun as being refugee in a bomb shelter staying with a stressed out family during the war in 2006 in Israel. I plan to sleep the night in my walk in closet and have set up a nice little bed an survial pack of snacks, water, flashlight and a radio. The storm will hit around 4am or so and I pray all will be able and that I will sleep safely through it. Am praying the winds die down and that the storm moves through quickly. So off to my closet...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurrican Ike Watch is on!

Hiya. I am sending out a call to my praying friends to remember Texas (and me) in your prayers the next few days.

The Southeast of Texas is hunkering down for a category 3 hurricane...Who would have thought I would have to deal with hurricanes when I moved to Texas! At this point the storm is larger (aapx. 350 miles long) and stronger (winds up to 100mph) than Katrina which hit New Orleans in 2005. This one is expected to hit the Texas shore and Houston straight on tommorrow pm and the eye of the storm is now aimed to pass right through my town in the early hours of Saturday am. They are predicting 30-50 mph winds, lots of rain and chance of tornados.

I have done my prepping (got extra batteries, flashlights, lots of bottle water and tinned food) but would also appreciate your prayer that Hurricane Ike dispates and its winds slow down and heads east of College Station where I live. Though we could really use the rain (we have been in a drought since June) the idea of things flying around and possibly penetrating mine or my neighboors windows is a bit scary. Also there are predicting a 90% change of power outages in my area, and with the temp today reaching around 100 degree F the thought of being withoug A/C for even 24 hours sounds quite grim!

I know and believe God can intervene in all of these circumstance so would appreciate your prayers in this matter. Will keep you posted on my blog, as long as I have power!