Monday, December 05, 2005

Hit & Miss Teaching

Today was my last day of lecturing for the term. Many a tired face was found in my 2 classes, probably from pulling several days late nights trying to finish their final papers. To reward their efforts I decided to bake cookie's for both of my 2 classes last night. However, the christening of my new Teflon cookie sheet resulted in one batch being more of a burnt offering than edible. So, for my second class I decided to create a sort of game/quiz to help them review for the final with person with the correctly answer a review questions being rewarded candy bar. Sounds like a great idea, eh. One problem...I forgot I can't throw.

So after the first person answered a question I attempted to throw a candy bar across the room to them. I missed and almost hit a wall. With my second attempt I hit the ceiling in the middle of the room. The next throw fell very short, so I mustered up a bit more power to toss the next one...and with that one I hit a quiet student diligently taking notes on the study sheet smack in the middle of the forehead with a Reeseā€™s peanut butter cup. The class erupted with laughter. The poor student was startled, disoriented and embarrassed. I felt really stupid!! I decided to hand the candy passing out task to one of the other students. Needless to say at the end of the class many of the student were milling around laughing and commenting about their teacher lack of throwing ability. So after a whole semester of trying to teach them about media development and organizations, I fear they will only remember this last class and the chaos of flying candy!


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I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.


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