Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bon Bons for Peace

That's my new anti-war slogan, or bon bons, don't send bomb bombs!

This was inspired by an afternoon trip to a monestary in the jerusalem mountains with my friend Yael. Beit Gamel is home to a order of nuns take a vow of silence and live a life of prayer and solitude. At the gift store we met a lovey, smiling sister in her 50s who had come to the monestary from France just before the beginning of the second intifada. She was quite talkative for someone who lives a life of silence and she told us a story that at the beginning of the intifada she noticed people who visited the monestary were quite tense and downhearted. She began to make the wondeful dark chocolate truffles to give away and sell in their gift shop. She said chocolate always make people smile and she became known as the sister with the gift of being able to bring people a bit of hapiness through chocolate. Last weekend when the bombings began to intensify her mother superior came to her and said "it is time for you to make your bon bon-truffles again!" I had one and they were wonderful, one of the best I have ever eaten! So I say why don't we send Hezbollah a big box of them and say, if you liked these then lets get together and talk! Yael & I also made a step towards peace with lebanon on our own by getting dinner at a Lebanese restuaruant tonight in the Arab village of Abu Gogsh. The labana cheese with garlic and mint in it was exceptionally nice! So since the saying goes the way to a man's heart is through his stomach why not think of food related strategies for peace...what do you think?


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