Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day 5 and travelling to the center

Hope some of you are enjoying my blog, it is hard to know if people read it or not...

I am well though I hear some of the official and folks at TAMU are a bit nervous on my behalf. I guess I am becomign a bit infamous around certain circles of the college of Liberal Arts. I keep saying I am fine,but I guess with what people are hearing with news statesdie it is a bit hard to believe. But I am staying with locals and good friends who will not let me do anything that would put myself at risk. Plus I have a praying Mum (who just called me on my cell phone and she said she had a peace about my being here and I trust her motherly and spiritual instinct). I still hope to still get to Haifa before I leave to retrieve my stuff but if things aren't settled I am developing a contingency plan.

So I am now using my unplanned free time to do some ethnographic research for my book project in different religious neighboorhoods in the south and central areas of the country. Today travelled from JLM to the center near Biniyamina. I am now with my research colleague Asmaa who has arrange for me to visit a local interent cafe and talk to some local users. We area also using this time to talk about the plans for our data collection. Am also being wonderuflly distracted by her adorable daughters, the youngest is now dressed in fairy wings and running around the the room proudly shouting a version of the new english phrase I taught her " I flying, I the fly". It is great to have a break from watching/listening to the news 24/7, I am getting a bit overwheled by all the coverage.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, Israel & the Middle East...


At 8:10 AM, Blogger Mike & Della said...

Plenty of us are reading, Heidi! Yes we are worried...but I'm glad you feel safe and that your mom feels good about it too! We'll be happy to have you home. Mike


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