Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Big Freeze

I just got into my office to find the university is a deserted frozen wasteland. Apparently because of "hazardous weather outlook" issued by the national weather service due to a "freeze warning" the university is officially closed today. I heard nothing on the radio this morning to this effect and immediately went into typical Scottish winter weather mode, bundled up and went on with business as normal. Okay, is it is only in the high 20s- upper 30s just now outside and most of the trees are drapped in icesicles but come-on. I know most of my friend in Edinburgh would not have called this a "VERY COLD ARCTIC AIRMASS" like the local weather, rather it would be called "FRESH!"

Here's the email I sent in response to the notice that from the department head that "absolutely no one is expected to come to work today":

I just got in to office (and as I still don't have email access at home had no idea we would be shutting up shop today). And the reason I should have stayed home is...'cause there's ice on the trees????

As a friend of mine in Scotland would say...

"Ach, there 'ne bad weather, only folk no' ready for what is there!"


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