Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Headling back to the USA...without my stuff!

I returned from Jordan late last night. Petra in short, was remarkable, hot but amazing to see bulding 1000s of years old and the wonderful stone carvings and rock formations. It was also good to turn off to things happening in the north of Israel for 24 hours, but we were quickly reminded at the Jordan - israeli border when we were delayed for 1.5 hrs when our car was searched 3 times and they x-rayed up and all my things 2 times (and I wondered was it really necessary for them to swab/inspect even my dirty t-shirts and underware!) Auyways got back to JLM by 1am tired but happy with my adventure. Unfortunatley I had my flight details written down wrong so we missed the small window of opportunity to return to Haifa to get my things. The bombing started early this morning at 8am so it looks like I will return to the USA but without my things (such as keys, clothes, research materials & souviners). I spent today guying a small suit case and a few last minute things and then trying to tie up the rest of my research obligations here. I am sad and glad to leave. I hope I can return next spring to finish up the unfinished research but we will see...


At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Heather said...


Just wanted to let you know on your blog itself that I've been reading it and also reporting to friends and family your "view from within" since the media are weird and cryptic, contradictory and confusing. In Canada there seems to be more fuss about the inefficiency of the Canadian government in removing Canadian citizens from the war zone--such indignation, as if such processes are expected to be smooth and comfortable; we're talking WAR here, and a most unexpected one. Also the media (some of it) seems to be slamming our government for its comments about the war. I'm no fan of our current government but for goodness sake, the situation is so complex and with such a long history that no matter what the government says somebody is going to get mad. You can't respond adequately to situations like this in sound bites.

Anyway, hope your flight home is/was a smooth one. Will someone in Haifa be able to eventually send the rest of your stuff to you? What a shame if you lose it all permanently!

Heather in Canada

At 12:22 AM, Blogger Lagniape said...

thanks for keeping us update on your whereabouts, as well as the madness that's happening. Newscoverage is so skewed here, CNN reporting 24/7 on it as if nothng else mad is happening in the world. Germany not knowing whether they are coming or going on the issue - as usual- leavng tourists and workers stranded and in need to find their own way out under the falling bombs.
I can't even imagine what it feels like to leave without or stuff OR your research. That would bugg me more than leaving stuff. But you'll make it, after all with Permanent Head Damage someway of dealing with it must have stuck with us, right? Is your employer going to let you go again next year, at least so you can finish the research?
I forwareded your blogg adress to several of my friends who are intersted in reading an inside account, I hope they did.

Well, paid my last rent today and it feels weird. Also waiting for the express mail person to ring the door bell so I can send the visa papers off to the embassy. Getting more thoughtfull about leaving since the deterioration of the fragile peace in the middle east, but havent made up my mind to call and cancel the job alltogether.
So 4 more weeks in the flat, 6 more weeks to work, in 8 weeks I'm at a different job. Need to remind myself that this is the detour and I'm getting back to where I think i belong, work related speaking.

So, pop me an email when you're back. Hope CS is giving you a warm welcome.


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