Sunday, August 19, 2007

Faith Ann at 3 weeks

After a 5-hour delay I finally arrived in Florida at 3.40 am, where my weary bro-in-law picked me up at the Orlando airport and we headed north to their meet my new niece. We arrived bright and early, in time for a early morning feed, and I got to say hello to wee Faith Ann and even help give her abottle feed and learn burping techniques. As one might expect the day's events for my sister revolve around Faith Ann's eating, sleeping & changing schedule. Today I got to learn how to change poopy diapers, oh joy! My sister uses olive oil instead of baby oil or cream on Faith Ann so I have started to calling her "bertolli baby" (Robb--the dad--is Italian after all!). The pics above are of my first diaper changing lesson and Faith Ann & Dad taking a sunday afternoon nap.


At 3:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,just checking up on you. Glad to see you made it to Florida.
Got a few things to send you. Miss you here in Aotearoa. Donna is leaving in a few weeks too!! Hope you caught up with life in Texas. love Nicola


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