Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Freedom and Forgiveness are coming

Am a bit behind on my blog and hope to catch up later today.

Today I shared in chapel at BCNZ in a very weighty, but powerful meeting. It started in a way different than planned, with prayers led by a South Korean student related to the Koreans which have been kidnapped in Afghanistan and esp. for the Pastor who was killed earlier today. While I did not understand the language of the prayers the emotion behind it definitely gripped me

I had been asked a week ago to share about the SCOT project in the service and before hand and the chapel coordinator had selected a particular tract called 'Forgive". She had asked me to talk about the story of a young girl from northern Ireland who learned a powerful lesson in forgiveness at a young age after watching her dad who was a warden in the Maze Prison in Belfast be gunned down by the IRA. It was amazing how it and her prayer for the freedom which comes from forgiveness fit in so well to the message and theme which emerged in the meeting. This led into a time of community prayer and then prayer for the Korean students in the middle of the room with other laying hands and crying along side them. We ended with a time of singing a South African song "freedom, coming..." in beautiful harmonies and heart felt cries. It was heavy but it also seemed to shift something in the spirit of the place which many people have been talking about this morning around the college. Wow, a memorable experience. God is good, all the time.


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