Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kia Ora from Kiwiland!

Well I am off on another adventure...I just landed 2 hours ago in Auckland New Zealand, I place I have wanted to visit since my sister showed me pics of her time her in 2002 (she did YWAM and lived in NZ for 3 years).

My trip is a bit of an evolving journey. Initally I was invited by my friend Nicola Hoggard Creegan to speak at conference she is organizing on Science and Religion at Tyndale-Carey Graduate School. We met back in 2002 when we were particpants together on the Templeton Oxford Summer Seminar on Science & Religion. Then more invitation followed to speak at an Emerging Church leaders seminar in Christchurch, a conference called SPAC on a panel on the Middle East and Religion and then a possbile 2nd virtual theology colloquium. Plus I am hoping for a bit of R&R this month while I am here

It is a bit of an evolving journey, so I hope to use my blog to keep my friends and family updated with pics & news.

Have just finished a lovely breakfast of homemade blueberry coffee cake & team and am now off to shower and get ready for church (it's sunday here, I somehow missed saturday while crossing the pacific. More soon...


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