Monday, July 02, 2007

Day 2: Ode to Rain

Am still a bit jet-lagged but I think this is partly from the lack of sleep I had the week before I arrived here. Day 2 as day 1, was a dreak day, much like Edinburgh in the early winter: cold, rainy & gray. Great weather for consuming much tea, and I also got introduced to "Milo" the kiwi version of ovaltine. I spent much of the day with my friend Nicola doing various errands and visiting her work place, Bible College of New Zealand (BCNZ). Above is a picture of Nicola in her office. We've had a great time chatting and catching up with one another, the last time I saw her was Fall 2005 at the AAR annual conference in Philadelphia.

I've decide to institute a "quote of the day" in my blogging of this trip, as I have heard so many amusing comments since I have been here already.
The runner up for day 1 is: "Nicola, behave your self."
- by Solomon, the cheeky Emo 15 year-old friend of Nicola's son Andrew in response to her asking him if his Mother knew where he was after picking him up from an unknown friend's house early Sunday am to take him and her son to Band practice at another friend's home...

And the winner is: "...we don't need anymore 'ghastly evangelicals'... oh, not like Nicola who is a "beautiful evangelical."

-A man putting his foot in his mouth during an announcement made at church of the upcoming Dioesesan-synod election in Auckland.

...Oh to be a beautiful evangelical like my friend!?! Anyways, I did enjoy visiting All Saints Anglican Church Ponsonby on Sunday. Great organ music and as they were short handed I even got invited to help bring the Communion elements forward during the service.

My highlight of Monday was attending my first Pilates class with Nicola at a Country Women's Institute in Titrangi near where Nicola lives. Got some good stretching in and heard a choice quote as well.

"Heidi, you must get in touch with your buttocks!"

- Crystal, the French Pilates instructor on advising me about my posterior position during a back & leg stretch.


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