Friday, July 06, 2007

More Explorations of Auckland

My 4th day in NZ I ventured out on my own to explore Auckland. This involved taking a train from the suburbs of Henderson to the downtown of Auckland to explore some Auckland Museum (to see the Maori cultural performance) & Auckland Domain (a park and botanical garden) before heading for a meeting with Luke Goode at the Film & Media Studies Dept at the Univ. of Auckland to talk about New Media studies in New Zealand. I was impressed with myself that I did not get lost at all amidst bus changes and foot wanderings.

Quote of the Day:

"Sweet as..."- clerk at Vodaphone shop using common Kiwi slang
"...sweet as what?"- I asked a bit confused
"...[sigh] American?!"- his response

That evening after navigating my way back to BCNZ I joined several American visitors and expats working at the College at a faculty member's home for a 4th of July celebration. We figured by that time even though it was the 5th in NZ,it was technically still the 4th in Hawaii. We feasted on Pizza Hut Pizza, layer salad & homemade salad...along with some interesting NZ snack such as Lamb & Mint flavoured chips and L&P, which tastes like fizzy elderflower cordial. We also shared stories about our states of origin, sang patriotic songs and lit off some fireworks and sparklers our hosts had save over from Guy Fawkes night (which we later learned was illegal.


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