Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back in Eretz Yisrael

So I have now been back in Israel for a week and it has been a full one at that. Landed in TLV July 5 and spent 24 hours with a friend in JLM mostly visiting the mall for some esentials and then doing a facinating interview with the editor in chief of Sunday night I headed to Herzylia and visited friends there for a few days while attending a conference at IDC on Communicating Across Borders. On Wednesday I headed to Haifa an settled into the dorms in CRI so Thursday I could get down to work. On Friday I headed back to JLM for a working shabbat with my friend Oren as we together are trying to explore the Jewish Orthodox use of the internet. Yesterday I headed to the UltraOrthodox neighboorhood of Rama Eskhkol for another interview with a couple who are religious web designers and then to the old city to meet a dear friend Ina from Scotland visiting Israel this week. We had a good catch up after not seeign eachother for 1.5 years, wandered the old city together and visited her favourite artist Motke Blum and slurgged and bought art! Today I head to Hebrew Univ for meetings while my friend Oren lectures on fandom in a class on internet culture. So as you can see never a dull moment!


At 12:40 PM, Blogger KD said...

Working shabbat? Is that, like, an oxymoron?


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