Sunday, July 13, 2008

What I learned in Turkey

Well due to computer filtering issues I wasn't able to blog in Turkey and have been so busy my first full week in Israel that I am way behind in blogging, so this is a catch up entry on my time in Istanbul.

What I learned in Turkey:

- My name Heidi sounds like the Turkish phrase for let's go, so when I was introduced to new people, they took much joy in saying, "Heidi, Heidi"!
- I love the Asian side of Istanbul, which has a much slower pace of life, but the European side though it has the history and grander architecture is too crowded for me.
- Come to Turkey to eat great meat and salads, but for those with a sweet tooth the selection of deserts is somewhat disappointing.
- I love Turkish coffee, but can live without Turkish delight!
- The Turkish people are very friendly and helpful esp. to people like me with no Turkish and a deficient sense of directions.
-Having a cell phone and a local friend to call for help is essential when travelling!

I successfully managed to navigate public transport in Istanbul on my own on several occasions and excet for getting lost in the new town for 2 hours on the 4th of July manag4ed to get aroudn quite successfully. Some of my trip highlights were:

-A Bosphorus cruise with my friend Rebekah (who I knew in Scotland) and her 3 month old Emily.
-Visiting the Haya Sophia and marveling at the grand architecture and mosaics.
-Eating dinner with Nuri's family and learning about the Muslim celebration surrounding the conception of Muhammed.
-Attending a concert of a Band led by Rebakah's husband Charles at a coffee shop in a 7th story bulding and watching the sun set over the Bosphorous.
-Getting lots of writing done in the ISAM library!

All in all it was a full be great week in Turkey!


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