Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hello from Haifa!

Well its been 6 months since my last blog, so about time to update everyone on what's going on. I survived my first academic year in Texas and am still smiling which is important.

The school year ended 2 weeks ago and now I am sitting in my friend Yael's flat in Haifa, Israel. I will be in Israel for 2 months for a research project on religion & new media. I arrived on the eve of Shavout so we have had a 3 day holiday. Shavout fesitval of first fruits and the giving of the Torah. Though as I was staying with a secular friend we had more of a postmodern celebration. On Shavout night we ate much cheese (which is something everyone does I take it at this time) and had a 8 episode marthon session of watching Deperate Housewives. Over the hoilday I also helped my friend clean and decorate her new flat, visited a Druze village and a wonderful carpenter/artist shop, had a lovely walk over a suspended bridge in the Carmel mountains, ate much hummus and was treated tonight to kanafe (a version of bakalva with layered with melted cheese and swimming in syrup) in the Wadi-Arab neighboorhood of Haifa.

Tommorrow will be my first day at the University of Haifa! Will keep u posted on my work and adventures.


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