Tuesday, July 15, 2008

JLM if I forget you

Am finishing up things in JLM today and head back to Haifa this afternoon. In my travels the last 2 weeks I think I have discovered a secret that will help facilitate peace in the middle east. In the words of an old advertisement, I would like to buy the Middle East...a deodrant! I am confident that the small gesture of buying everyon one in Israel and the greater Levant region a stick and require them to shower and use it daily would greatly help faciliate an air of cooperation and greater tolerance. If you have ever sat on a public bus in Israel, Turkey or behind the green line uin the summer time, you know what I mean! But I digress.

Yesterday was Hebrew Univ. day for me where I spent the day meeting with Several Profs in the Comm department to talk about my research and academic life in Israel. Also spent time in the library and working with my friend Oren and exploring Orthodox use of the Internet. Last night we ended the day with some of Oren's friends watching a very silly movie and eating non-kosher pizza (the pepperoni is made of beef as pigs are not able to live on israeli soil). Now it is off to meet with an Israeli Scholar who works on Shas & Sephardic Judaism. More later



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