Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sunsets & Little Jerusalem

Tommorrow I will make my 3rd trip to Jerusalem. I hadn't planned to spend as much time as I have there on this trip but a combination of friends and research contact keeps bringing my path to the holy city. Today there is an article in Haaretz on the minature version of Jerusalem during the 2nd Temple period which was just moved from another location and which I got to see 2 weeks ago while visiting the Israel Museum & Shrine of the book. (BTW--Mum, did you ever get that postcard?!)

BTW--My beach trip worked wonders, the writer's block seems to have shifted slightly so I was able to get some writing done on Jewish halacha and technology today. Yeah! I think watching the sunset at the ocean front restaurant at dinner helped bring some inspiration. Photo credit for this one goes to Yael Levanon.


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