Monday, June 19, 2006

Meet my friends...

Well it has been almost a week since my last blog. I have been busy attending a conference on Jewish Identity, conducting interview with Muslim student on religious use of the internet, playing tourist in lower Galilee and writing like a mad woman a paper for a conference I was suppose to finish 2 months ago. Phew! I wanted to take this blog to introduce you to my 2 good friends and collaborators on my survey research project.

First say hello to Yael, a lecturer in Sociology here in Haifa and PhD student researching community networks in Israel. This is a picture of her from this past shabbat when we were exploring the ruins of Beit Sheraim.

Now say hello to Asmaa, a lecturer in Computer Science in Al Qasami in Baqa al Garbia and a PhD student studying adoption of the internet in the Arab sector in Israel. This is a picture of her at a taken at night at an outdoor coffee shop in Baqa.


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