Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hello from...Sweden?!

Surprise. I have jumped continentas and am now in Northern Europe. I have come to Sweden to attend the 5th International Conference on Media, Religion & Culture. It is being held in the town of Stigtuna, which use to be the residence of the King of Sweden. It is a lovely little town on a lake/loch. I arrive after 13 hrs in transit and met up with a friend and colleague from hailfax, Nova Scotia at the airport. We traveled by taxi to the conference center and then talk a lovely walk around the town and watched the Portugal-France World Cup game (well didn't make it to the end, I ran out of energy and headed to bed). I am actually staying at a hotel which is a 5 min walk from the conference site, but is equally as peaceful and lovely called Stora Brannbo. I am looking forward to cataching up with many international colleages including those I have seen so far from Finland, New Zealand, Britian, Australia and of course the USA.


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