Thursday, July 13, 2006

In the safe room

We have been instructed to go into our apartment safe room. Luckily for me it is my bedroom which is also where I have internet access. Safe rooms are part of the building regulations since the 1990s, and are suppose to be air/gas tight (though I can't figure out how to seal off the outside window with its attached metal cover seal) so I guess I am set. Also my room has views over the central and north half of the city of Haifa so if anything happens I will have a great view! It is strange to hear the CNN report in the background talking about Haifa being a war zone and hear things are strangely calm though uncertain. We keep getting announcements over the dorm intercom system in English, directed I think towards the american students that are studying here for the summer who seem to be a bit freaked out by this all. I am mainly bummed because this has completely blown my concentration for the journal article I am suppose to be finishing tonight! I hope all stays this peaceful!


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