Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I blinked and it was 2007!

When last I wrote I was soon off the plane from Israel...and now it is 4 months later and 200&. Needless to say last semester was a bit of whirlwind. I don't think I recovered from my Israel adventure till mid-October when the things I had to leave behind got shipped back to me (well< most of them). By the time I came back to reality it was mid-semester I was deep into teaching an overload of 4 courses, traveling to 3 conference and trying to write 2 articles.

By the end of term in December I was dazed from the flurry of activity. A restful holiday visit to my sister & bro-in-laws in FL brought me back to sanity and reality. Lots of sleep, a day at a spa, swimming with the Manatees and 3 days retreat with some fun Benedictine sister helped restore my brain and soul.

Now I am back in Texas in the beginning throws of Spring Semester. We got a bit of late start as and "ice storm" threw the area in to a panic (as Texas don't know how to drive in inclimate weather) and resulted in 2 extra days off. I am looking forward to getting some major writing done this semester on 2 book projects...and also hope to be a more regular blogger in the coming month. Stay tuned!


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