Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurrican Ike Watch is on!

Hiya. I am sending out a call to my praying friends to remember Texas (and me) in your prayers the next few days.

The Southeast of Texas is hunkering down for a category 3 hurricane...Who would have thought I would have to deal with hurricanes when I moved to Texas! At this point the storm is larger (aapx. 350 miles long) and stronger (winds up to 100mph) than Katrina which hit New Orleans in 2005. This one is expected to hit the Texas shore and Houston straight on tommorrow pm and the eye of the storm is now aimed to pass right through my town in the early hours of Saturday am. They are predicting 30-50 mph winds, lots of rain and chance of tornados.

I have done my prepping (got extra batteries, flashlights, lots of bottle water and tinned food) but would also appreciate your prayer that Hurricane Ike dispates and its winds slow down and heads east of College Station where I live. Though we could really use the rain (we have been in a drought since June) the idea of things flying around and possibly penetrating mine or my neighboors windows is a bit scary. Also there are predicting a 90% change of power outages in my area, and with the temp today reaching around 100 degree F the thought of being withoug A/C for even 24 hours sounds quite grim!

I know and believe God can intervene in all of these circumstance so would appreciate your prayers in this matter. Will keep you posted on my blog, as long as I have power!


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