Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Blue Bells of Texas

Spring is winding down here in Texas, with the summer heat soon to drive us indoors into the refuge of our air-conditioned, climate controlled environments. But before this happens comes the season Blue Bells. Just like the Heather cover the hills of Scotland each Sept with luscious purples, here in Texas we are graced with a month of wild flowers of vivid blue, orange, yellow and pink dotting the fields and road ways in March-April. I was able to take a road trip with a friend Sylvia (fellow PhD survivor from Edinburgh who now living in Houston) to see them in full bloom. Here are a few pics from our day along the winding roads in East Texas.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Back in Texas

I am back and jetlagged in Texas! It was a busy, exhausting but great trip both professionally and personally. Some of the highlights for me were walking the coast of Orkney on a blustery day, enjoying a day of art with my friend Ina in Glasgow, enjoying multiple cups of tea and coffee with dear friends, adding to my tea cup collection, playing with wee Hannah Senior (daughter of my former flatmate Helen) on a sunny day in her garden and attending a great conference in Oxford on Media & Religion. I came back well stocked up on my fav tea, biscuits and haggis so will be set until I can return to the UK in January (brrrrrr).

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cambridge--Oxford Boat Race 2007...and the winner is...

the weather was ideal, the water clear and smooth. Oxford was painted as the underdogs, though it has been at least years since Cambridge has one.

and the winner is... CAMBRIDGE

It was a close race, neck and neck at many points. Oxford pulled ahead a bit at Hammersmith, but Cambridge pulled ahead at Chiswick. My personal highlight was point at the hammersmith bridge where it was nearly blade to blade, with oxford getting the upperlead and popping the Cambridge blades out of the water. Two minutes to go, Oxford put on the power( 40 strokes per min) but it was not hard enough. A great race!

THE UK Boat Race 2007

it's a great day for a boat ride...or in this case a boat race. Helen and I have planted ourselves in front of ITV and if wee Hannah will sit still long enough and stop trying to change the channel we might be able to watch the annual Cambridge--Oxford rowing event of the year...

Friday, April 06, 2007

Hello from the North Downs

The sun is setting low over the north downs of England. In the distance over a lovely garden scape (complete withh WWII bomb shelter) I see the Ealing Derby grounds and the flickering lights of London. I am staying with my former flatmate Helen for the long Easter weekend. It was a special day,Helen turned the big 4-0, and I had the opportunity to spend it with her, lovelt 15 month old Hannah, her husband David and extended family. We spent most of the day in the garden and had a lovely lunch of venison casserole, salad and chocolate roulade. The wee girls ages 6-15 mo entertained us with a easter egg hunt and a game of sardines. All in all a pleasant day! Sitting here make me more and more feel as if I am living in exile being in Texas, though I know that is where God has planted me for this time.