Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Back in Israel 2009, a new adventure begins

To my friends who are interested wanted to let you know that I have arrived safe and somewhat sound. As usual my travels were memorable and if it is an indication of things to come it should be an interesting month.

On my Houston to Frankfurt leg I sat next to a nice elderly Bulgarian couple who spoke no English. I tried out some of my rusty Russian on them and they assumed I was fluent and continued to chat with me throughout the trip most of which I did not understand....But I did get to see over 70 pictures of their American Holiday and new faternal twin grandbabies.

A word to the wise, when flying Luftansa note the food in Economy class seems a bit suspect and you would be wise to avoid the breakfast omlet they offer....I sure wish I had. I started to regret partaking of it about 90 mins afterwards. By the time I made it to my next flight with a tight connection in Frankfurt I was far from well, and soon as they took off the fasten seat belt sign on the trip to Tel Aviv I had to rush to the plane bathrooms. I spend the next 3.5 hours going between my seat and various bathrooms emptying my stomach's contents before coming to the conclusion I must have food poisioning. When I contacted the stewardess to inform her of my condition she smiled and said she was sorry but there was nothing she could do for me., and for me to hold on till I could contact a Doctor for advice when entering Israel.

Well it is 5 hours later and food still sounds less than appealing. I feel quite weak still but the nausea is subsiding, thanks to some rest and sprite and saltines supplied by my friend and host Oren. I think the worst is over and hope to be back on proper food tommorrow. Am a bit frustrated by my body and this latest episode of of rebellion in my health, but there you go.

Jerusalem is a refreshing 94ish with a gentle breeze, which is a great reprive from the TX heat. Am looking forward to be post jetlag and for 3 weeks of adventures!



At 10:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,
Glad you made it safe and hope you feel better soon.


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