Friday, September 12, 2008

Waiting for Ike

Hurricane Ike has made landfall, though the eye of the storm is not expected till about midnight. One blessing is that is has been downgraded from a category 3 to a 2 and should only be a 1 by the time it reaches college station. I have had several calls today from friends worried about me being on my own. But the idea of being with 5 other crammed in a bathroom and panicing sounds about as much fun as being refugee in a bomb shelter staying with a stressed out family during the war in 2006 in Israel. I plan to sleep the night in my walk in closet and have set up a nice little bed an survial pack of snacks, water, flashlight and a radio. The storm will hit around 4am or so and I pray all will be able and that I will sleep safely through it. Am praying the winds die down and that the storm moves through quickly. So off to my closet...


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