Thursday, July 09, 2009

Good morning JLM

Thanks to jet lag I have been waking up at 5-6am so have gotten to see some fab sunrises over JLM. I am staying in my friend's study cum guest room and since he is nocternal have not been getting to bed till about 1am which has made for very short nights. I do hope my body regulates soon.

Am enjoying but, am not use to urban dwelling life. Most of Oren and his friends don't go out till at least 9pm so last night that meant eating dinner at around 10:30 pm. We went with his friends Ariel, an Israeli tour guide, and his lovely fiance Patty from Brazil to a restaurant at the Artist house. I did not want something heavy so I went for baked St Peter's Fish and a side salad which was delicious but less than settling for my funny tummy. But it was nice to be out in the night air taking in the art and learning more about local culture. I am so enjoying the refreshing breezes and reprive from the heat here (it has only been in the low 90s and at night it cools down to low 70s to high 60s...even the Judean Desert has had cooler temperature than where I live in TX since I have been here).

Today after some work this am and errands I am hitting the Jerusalem Film Festival to see a film called Eyes Wide Open, a feature film with a story about negotiating life and sexuality in the ultra Orthodox community which should be interesting.



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